First trip out from Burnley to Gargrave

At last - the sun is shining we are on holiday and its our first trip out from Reedley Marina. Turn right and head for Skipton. Watch this space ......

Friday 22nd April                                        0 miles  0 locks

Sheer idleness and lethargy took over and we didn't even leave the Marina! We did do some shopping, drink some wine, watch some cricket (IPL) and see a beautiful sunset. So a pretty good day really

Saturday 23rd April                              9 miles  7 locks

Made up for friday by doing quite a lot on Saturday. Its really good to be boating again although we had forgotten it can be hard work, especially doing wide locks on your own. After the first four of Barrowford flight we met up with another boat and did the last three together. Much easier with two boats!

We then arrived at Foulridge tunnel just as the lights turned green and went straight through! Then we went a bit further than planned until we found a mooring just before Barnoldswick. Its hard to believe it is only April but the youngsters (lambs, goslings, ducklings) reminded us it is still spring. I love boating!

Sunday 24th April                                      3.5 miles  3 locks

Quite an easy day today - wide locks are easier going down. Through some beautifull countryside to East Marton where Karen showed me the convent where she went to school. It is now apartements and there are houses built in the grounds. We then went to the Cross Keys where we had a few beers and good conversation with Leicester and Jean. They pushed on a bit further, we had another drink and didn't. Clear skies meant a cold night but beautiful stars.

I make it 11 goslings and 3 ducklings ....  go on count them!

Monday 25th April                                        4 miles  11 locks

An early (for us) start through more stunning scenery to the top of Bank Newton locks where we had to queue to go down. Shared the locks with Leicester and Jean all the way down to Gargrave. Met up with Mick and Judy who joined us as we went down another couple of locks. Had a bite to eat and then went for a walk. We eneded up meeting another friend Pete and adjourning to the Mason's Arms. We are returning to the Masons at 8 tonight for a drink or two with Pete & Eileen who we haven't seen for ages. I fear I may have a small headache tomorrow.

Tuesday 26th April                                        1 mile  5 locks

I have a small headache today - but a jolly good night was had by all.

A late start for obvious reason but we still managed to turn around and then go back up Gragraves 5 locks. Then sneeked in on the unoccupied end of the permit only moorings at the bottom of Bank Newton locks. Water level in the pound is rather low.

Wednesday 27th April                                    9 miles  9 locks

An early start and through the first lock by 9.00 then we have to wait 45mins while BW run water down the locks. I said the pound was low didn't I. Then the BW man helped worked with us up the flight. A very nice, very hepfull bloke. I gave him a beer at the top just as his boss arrived - hope he's not in trouble. The weather this trip has been brilliant and today is no exception so, after a sarni and a brew, and a visit from an inquisative swan, we push on.

Working up Bank Newton flight


We work through the lovely Greenberfield locks, where Karen is rather unnerved by a cow which appears to want to help with the locking, and moor up just outside Foulridge in glorious sunshine at 5pm.

That was a great days boating - it doesn't come much better than this.


Thursday 28th April                                        6 miles  7 locks

Somewhat reluctantly we set off through the tunnel at 11am to start the last leg of the journey. Saying goodbye to the lambs and a family of rabbits.

We have to do all 7 of the Barrowford locks on our own, which is very hard work (for Karen) as we cannot share with the widebeam behind us. They told us they had hired a wide beam on the Mon&Brec that had a hot-tub in the bow !!!

Rabbit .. rabbit .. rabbit .. rabbit ........

Is there a doctor on the cut ?

We arrive back at the marina at about 4pm. It is a good place to come back to, but we would both have liked to just carry-on-cruising ooooooh Matron!


So there we go first trip out from the new marina and it was a belter. Great weather, good friends, beautiful countriside, and the odd drinkie here and there.

Totals for the trip                                            34 miles
                                                                            42 locks

Now all I have to do is avoid this blooming wedding .........


Still in the marina ??

Yes - but happy

And a lovely sunset

On the move again

Spring is sprung

As I have said before .. Good boating weather is good flying weather



And I mean proper flying



Greenbefield locks



And Bank Newton


Whistle Down The Wind -a steam powered boat we last saw in Dewsbury in 2007



A great days boating ...


Through Foulridge tunnel

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