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Why should it only be the young ones who have a gap year ? - It shouldn't, It isn't, We have decided to have one too!

So here is the story of two fifty-somethings who have decided to step off the treadmill for a while and look at life from a different angle.

After some considerable discussion we have concluded that life is short and you are a long time dead so we should go for it while we are fit enough to enjoy it - so here is the plan:

We have decided to sell our house, pack in work, buy a narrowboat and cruise the inland waterways for a year (or two)

The web site is so that our friends and family (and anyone else who might be interested) can see how it is going.

If it inspires anyone else to follow their dream then all the beter.

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About the boat: details of our lovely narrowboat

Logbook: How it is all going, month by month

We are here: Latest news and current location

I think the rest are pretty self explanatory


A friend took a much better picture of us (and the boat) so here it is.

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